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Gilamesh Epic Project

A programme of activities in which children from Dr. Esmat as-Said Arabic School have been chosen to take part in the Gilgamesh epic project which aims to receive, explore, interpret, renew and transmit the cultural hertiage of the Gilgamesh Epic.

In other developments the Enheduanna Society invited two Zipang Mesopotamian storytellers to play storytelling games with children in Arabic and English. This then followed an episode from the Gilgamesh epic as an introduction to this masterpiece of world literature

Students from Dr. Esmat as-Said Arabic School have recently visited the British Museum to discover the world of the Gilgamesh epic in the Mesopotomia galleries. Students have gotten the chance to go behind the scenes into the tablet room whilst studying clay tablets from King Ashurbanipal's library on which the Gilgamesh epic was written in cuneiform script 3000 years ago.

You can view the Gilgamesh epic project photos at the British museum right here


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