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Dr Esmat as-Said School     (معاً نرتقي)

The school believes that its ethos is reflected in the way students relate to each other and to their teachers. The staff’s aims refer to spiritual, moral, cultural and social development. The school aims to encourage the students from different regions and race to become compassionate, creative, analytical and critical learners who understand and accept the others with their differences. The main emphasis is on the students’ identities by promoting good morals and values. To this end, the school works hard to develop challenging curriculum and rigorous assessment.


* Electronic Application Form is now ready for registration for the next academic year 2020-2021

20th June 2020 and 27th June are assessment days to all students 

4th July is teacher's training and end of 2019-2020 academic year 

school will start on 19th September  2020 for all students 

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Dr. Esmat as-Said End of Year Celebration 2019

Dr. Esmat as-Said Exhibition 2018-19

Dr. Esmat as-Said School Activity 2018

Watch our video to see what it is like to be at Dr. Esmat as-Said School.

With special thanks to Asmahan Alkarjosli for creating the video.

End of Year Celebrations

End of year celebrations for Dr Esmat as-Said School 2017/18

New Year Celebration Dinner With IAC

The International Arab Women's Council has invited the Arabic School teachers to celebrate the New Years 2018

End of Year party 2016/2017

End of year party at Dr.Esmat as-Said School.
Video produced by Mrs Zainab Aljawahri (GCSE Teacher).

School Exhibition 2016/2017

School Exhibition at Dr.Esmat as-Said School.
Video produced by Mrs Zainab Aljawahri (GCSE Teacher).

A programme of activities in which children from Dr. Esmat as-Said Arabic School receive, explore, interpret, renew and transmit the cultural hertiage of the Gilgamesh epic

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